Richard Corder
United States

Bio: I'm a work in progress, I'm blessed and I'm forgiven. I'm a learning leader and an intentional listener. I'm a delighted dad and a devoted husband. I'm a friend and a lover of all that is fun, crazy and different. I'm deeply committed to creating spaces and places where healthcare leaders can find themselves and their purpose. I'm a Wellesley Partners partner and I'm an Interim (Part time, finite plan, bias for action, no political constraints...) Chief Experience Officer. I am fortunate to see, hear and experience not only the stories of those we “serve”, but also the stories and experiences of our clients across the nation who turn to us for our straightforward and clear approach. This blog is me, and it represents my own personal beliefs and thoughts, and while informed by those I work with and for, it will never breach the confidences that I am so blessed to be afforded. It will ask some difficult questions, pose some conundrums, and offer my own brand of ideas, suggestions and solutions – after all, isn’t that what we need as we work to lead safer, more human and patient centered? Your comments, feedback and ideas are eagerly awaited. With love, thanks and respect!

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