Writerly “Day 18” – Today in 100 words

Monday has become my favorite day of the week, in part because for so many others it looms like a dark cloud (the “Sunday blues”) and this saddens me. I want to engage in conversations and exchange about how exciting Monday can be with some reframes.

A blank slate upon which to write a new chapter.

A new week to appreciate and thank those that made a difference last week…

A chance to create new experiences and re-kindle old acquaintances.

A reminder that I am blessed, forgiven and a work in progress.

An opportunity to share a mind-set shift.

It really is a wonderful life

Looking for a change in mind set or a new perspective? Take a moment to watch or re-watch the 1946 classic movie: It’s a Wonderful Life.

Jimmy Stewart and cast transport us back to a simpler time with a powerful message…

Sometimes it takes a close call to remind us how lucky and fortunate we are, and how a positive attitude can change your perspective and therefore your reality.

How family extends beyond who we are partnered with and the children we have, and includes our friends, neighbors and the people whose lives we touch and who touch us each and every day. And as Clarence (the angel) reminds us in the closing scene, “No man is a failure who has friends.”

So if you think, even for a minute, that you and your efforts don’t make a difference, nothing could be further from the truth. Everything you do, however seemingly small, makes a difference.

What a wonderful life.